New Tokio Hotel Songs!!!!vid

New Tokio Hotel Songs!!!!

*The Dark Side of the Sun* *Pain of Love* OMW I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill in J-14

Wow, the photo they used here is SO cute. I hope I can find this magazine. Okay, here’s what it says: The title reads “Tokio Hotel…

Buzzworthy - Tokio Hotel Big in Japan!!!:D:D:D

Yay and woot for Tokio Hotel getting another mention in our blog boyfriend, Buzzworthy. And all you other blogs can just STEP OFF because Buzzworthy…

Bill and Tom are in the Sexiest celebs under 25:D:D:D

March 18, 2009 Rosh Magazine in Israel has named their top sexiest celebs under 25. Coming in at #6 and #7 are the Kaulitz twins!…

GrrrrrrrRRRR More "Bill-Bashing"!!!! Please Read!!!

Man it's been ages since I wrote a journal so i think i'll do one now....... So anyway as you all know i absolutely loveeeeee Bill(Like…
Bill Kaulitz New Hair 2009 Dread Locks Updated Pictures!vid

100 ways to know if you're in love with TH...^^

Answer yes to 20 or more of these and you can be Proud to call yourself a fan. Answer yes for more than 80% of…
Bill KaulitZ and Liz tyler comparisonvid

Bill KaulitZ and Liz tyler comparison

[05-09-2008] According to some german articles, Bill Kaulitz has the most beautiful face since the young Liz Taylor. (And according to me, Bill has the most…
ToKiO_HoTeL_InTeRviEw_oN_KIIS FMvid


this is really cool but the intro is kinda really long so u might wanna forward it cos it is worth the wait
my 5 favourite people in this worldexcluding tokio hotelpic
Tokio Hotel logopic


just a collectiong or really cool wallpapers and backgrounds
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billkaulitz34ooooooooh i think my heart has just stopped!!!!!!!!!pic
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im quite into emo music but i love to dress in a goth and punk way. im also quite a bookworm, i love to read almost anybook even if iv never heard of it also a huge fan of horror and thriller movies!!!!! esp. 30 days of night! i can also get really hyper and when that happens i start laughing uncontrollably and most probably wont stop for atleast an hour. im also one of the biggest thfans ever and if u don't like them i dont really think we could ever be really good friends.....

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Tokio Hotel, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemcal Romance

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Harry Potter, 30 days of night

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harry potter, noughts and crosses